Metro Government Legislative Information Center

The Metropolitan Clerk’s Office provides online access to Metropolitan Nashville & Davidson County Council records from 1998 to the present. Here at the Legislative Information Center, you can search for and browse:

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View ordinances, resolutions, and other legislation. Legislative records contain detailed information including sponsors, actions taken, important dates, passage/failure status, full text of the legislation, and a downloadable .pdf of the legislative document.

  • Council legislation prior to October 2020 is available here.
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Browse Metro Council meetings and Committee meetings. A meeting record will contain the date, time, and location of the meeting, a list of all considered legislation, the notice, the agenda and the recorded minutes.

  • Videos of all Metro Council meetings prior to October 2020 are available here.
  • Metro Council Meeting videos for October 2020 to present available here.
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Browse committee records including meeting history, members, and pending legislation.

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Find council member's contact information (including website links and social media links), committee membership, and sponsored legislation.

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