File #: Rule 23    Name:
Type: Rule Amendment Status: Passed
File created: 3/26/2024 In control: Rules, Confirmations, and Public Elections Committee
On agenda: 4/2/2024 Final action: 4/2/2024
Title: Proposed amendment to Rule 23 of the Rules of Procedure of the Council.
Sponsors: Sandra Sepulveda, Kyonzte Toombs


Proposed amendment to Rule 23 of the Rules of Procedure of the Council.


23.  Confirmations and questionnaires

23.1 All appointees to be confirmed by the Council shall be required to complete a questionnaire adopted by the Rules Committee. Each completed questionnaire shall be filed with the Clerk and a copy shall be sent by the Clerk to all members. No action may be taken upon such appointee until and unless such completed questionnaires have been sent to the Clerk by noon and members by 4:00 p.m. five days preceding an appointee appearance before the Rules Committee any vote for confirmation.

23.2 The Mayor may withdraw from consideration any their appointee submitted to the Council for confirmation and such withdrawal shall relate back to the original date of appointment the same as if such person had not been appointed; however, such withdrawal shall not act to enlarge upon the time permitted by the Mayor, under the relevant provisions of the Charter, to submit an appointee for confirmation.

23.3 Those persons appointed by the Mayor shall be referred to the Rules Committee for recommendation. The Committee shall meet and determine the relative qualifications of the various appointees and report to the Council its recommendation at the next regular Council meeting at least two weeks following the Committee meeting wherein the appointees were considered.

23.4 Unless otherwise specified, all appointments subject to election or confirmation by the Council shall be elected or confirmed by a majority of the entire membership of the Council (21 votes), except where other requirements are established by the Charter or state law. Any appointee failing to receive the required vote of the Council shall be deemed to have been rejected.

INTRODUCED BY:                                                                                                         

Sandra Sepulveda

Kyonzté Toombs

Members of Council