File #: RS2023-2279    Name:
Type: Resolution Status: Passed
File created: 6/13/2023 In control: Metropolitan Council
On agenda: 6/20/2023 Final action: 6/20/2023
Title: A Resolution commemorating the 50-year anniversary of the first full meeting of the Metropolitan Council to be aired on live television.
Sponsors: Burkley Allen, Kathleen Murphy, Kyonzte Toombs
Attachments: 1. Amendment No. 1 to RS2023-2279


A Resolution commemorating the 50-year anniversary of the first full meeting of the Metropolitan Council to be aired on live television.



WHEREAS, it was 50 years ago that a meeting of the Metropolitan Council was first televised gavel to gavel on July 3,1973; and


WHEREAS, the broadcast aired on Nashville’s public television channel, then WDCN-TV Channel 8, which not only filmed and produced the broadcast, but also covered the cost; and


WHEREAS, the first televised meeting was of Metropolitan Council’s public hearing night on zoning bills; and,


WHEREAS, the broadcasts continued on Channel 8 on the Metropolitan Council’s regular public hearing nights for the rest of that term, except for a few meetings during a renovation of the Council Chamber which were held in the chambers of the Tennessee House of Representatives where remote broadcast capabilities were not available; and


WHEREAS,  WDCN-TV continued its Metropolitan Council broadcasts even as the station moved its position on the broadcast dial from Channel 8 to Channel 2; and


WHEREAS, beginning with the 1975 Council term, every regular meeting and special meeting were televised; and


WHEREAS, Pat Nolan was the announcer for that first Metropolitan Council broadcast and continued those duties during his tenures with both WPLN-FM and WTVF-TV, now NEWSCHANNEL5, until May of 1985.


WHEREAS, for the following 23 years, from 1985 until 2008, Lou Ann Grandinetti of WPLN took on the announcer role for the Metropolitan Council meeting broadcasts; and


WHEREAS, 34 years after his initial run, Mr. Nolan returned to the Metropolitan Council broadcasts in 2019 and continues to be the announcer for all Metropolitan Council meetings; and


WHEREAS, the Metropolitan Council broadcasts eventually moved from WDCN-TV (now WNPT) to the Metro Nashville Network; and


WHEREAS, the Metro Nashville Network continues to produce the Metropolitan Council broadcasts shown on Metro’s Government Access cable channels and steaming on line.




Section 1. The Metropolitan Council hereby commemorates, recognizes, and salutes the effort, now a half century long, to make the work of the Metropolitan Council available to be seen by Nashville residents, so they can remain informed about the legislative process and operations of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County.


Section 2.  This Resolution shall take effect from and after its adoption, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.