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File #: BL2023-1688    Name:
Type: Bill (Ordinance) Status: Passed
File created: 1/30/2023 In control: Public Health and Safety Committee
On agenda: 5/16/2023 Final action: 5/16/2023
Title: An ordinance to amend Chapters 8.04 and 8.08 relative to the regulation of animals.
Sponsors: Russ Bradford, Joy Styles, Emily Benedict
Attachments: 1. Substitute BL2023-1688, 2. Amendment No. 1 to BL2023-1688, 3. Amendment No. 2 to BL2023-1688
An ordinance to amend Chapters 8.04 and 8.08 relative to the regulation of animals.

Section 1. That Chapter 8.04 of the Metropolitan Code of Laws is amended by deleting the chapter in its entirety and replacing it with the following:
Chapter 8.04 - Animals Generally
8.04.010. Definitions.
For the purposes of this chapter, the following words and phrases shall have the meanings ascribed to them by this chapter section:
"Animal care and control division" means the animal care and control services division of the department of health.
"At large" means any animal, excluding domestic cats, that is not physically restrained on owner's or keeper's premises including motorized vehicles in a manner that physically prevents the animal from leaving the premises or reaching any public areas; or, is not physically restrained when on public property, or any public area, by a leash, tether or other physical control device not to exceed eight feet in length and under the physical control of a capable person, as except as otherwise authorized by law.
"Cat" means all domesticated members of the feline family.
"Community cat" means any free roaming cat that may be cared for by one or more residents of the immediate area. Community cats are exempt from any licensing, stray, abandonment, and at-large provisions directed towards owned animals.
"Community cat caregiver" means a person who provides care, including food, shelter, or medical care to a community cat, while not being considered the owner, custodian, harborer, controller, or keeper of a community cat or to have care or charge of a community cat. Caregivers should make reasonable efforts to sterilize and vaccinate cats against rabies. Community cat caregivers may redeem community cats from the shelter without proof of ownership and are exempt from any charges and/or fees.

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