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File #: BL2022-1379    Name:
Type: Bill (Ordinance) Status: Indefinitely Deferred
File created: 7/26/2022 In control: Public Facilities, Arts, and Culture Committee
On agenda: 8/15/2023 Final action:
Title: An Ordinance to amend Title 2 of the Metropolitan Code of Laws to create the Nashville Entertainment Industry Board.
Sponsors: Robert Swope, Sharon Hurt, Jonathan Hall, Jeff Syracuse, Nancy VanReece
Attachments: 1. Proposed Substitute - BL2022-1379 - Styles


An Ordinance to amend Title 2 of the Metropolitan Code of Laws to create the Nashville Entertainment Industry Board.



WHEREAS, while it is recognized that the Music Recording and Live Event Industries have historically generated billions of dollars annually, and have prospered from industry focused Commissions and Boards over the past 25 years, the Nashville motion picture and television industries are in a completely different situation, because unlike music focused business’s, the motion picture and television industry has been substantially and critically impacted and challenged by the advent of film incentives enacted by competing cities or states.; and


WHEREAS, the Nashville Film Office that was originally formed in 1993 was substantially impacted through six different incarnations across three different Mayoral Administrations, where each new Administration used its incoming prerogative to reconstruct the Office, from its own independent entity, to a department under the Mayor’s Office of Economic and Community Development, with increasing instability and limited effectiveness, ultimately eroding the Office in function and budget until 2007, when it was disbanded completely and the film permitting function moved the Parks Department; and


WHEREAS, in 2001 a group of film & television industry executives and production companies formed FilmNashville to collectively solicit out of state business and to foster a relationship between a Nashville Film Office and the Tennessee Film Commission, the group set up offices within the then Convention and Visitors Bureau in 2004, and to its credit, succeeded in compiling the first film/television Location and Production directory; and


WHEREAS, in 2006, the State of Tennessee, via the Tennessee Film Commission, passed the Visual Content Act to compete with cities and states that already had or would soon create film incentives in the form of rebates, and/or transferable tax credits; and


WHEREAS, the Tennessee Film Commission subsequently changed its brand to the Tennessee Entertainment Commission to include other entertainment industries; and


WHEREAS, in 2018 the Tennessee Entertainment Commission and Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development (“ECD”) proposed and secured the passage of legislation for an expansion of the Visual Content Act to enable incentives to include feature films, television, video games, animation, digital entertainment and music scoring; and


WHEREAS, in 2021 the Tennessee Entertainment Commission and ECD proposed and secured passage of legislation for a new Franchise and Excise (“F&E”) Tax Credit that could be applied to all entertainment industry categories served by the Tennessee Entertainment Commission; and


WHEREAS, any entertainment industry entity within Nashville will need to work with, and be in alignment with, the Tennessee Entertainment Commission in order to optimally utilize the new F&E tax incentive to generate much greater levels of entertainment industry activity in the Nashville area; and


WHEREAS, with the establishment of a Nashville Entertainment Industry Board, both the recruitment of out-of-state projects and development of locally created content would help drive tourism and additional tax revenues to Metro Nashville and further facilitate the packaging, financing, and global distribution of intellectual property content created and owned by Nashvillians; and


WHEREAS, a Nashville Entertainment Industry Board that can both recruit and develop projects requires membership comprised of business leaders who have national and international relationships that can have bona fide transformational economic impacts; and


WHEREAS, there is a lack of diversity in the motion picture and entertainment industries of Nashville, not due to employer mandates, but because more thorough training and aspirational information is necessary at high school levels in all neighborhoods, with a coherent process established to flow students interested in entertainment careers upward to Nashville vocational colleges and universities, such a strategy for diversity would enrich the content created in Nashville; and


WHEREAS, the Tennessee Entertainment Commission has indicated that it would officially recognize an Entertainment Industry entity positioned in the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corporation, or the Mayor’s Office.




Section 1. That Title 2 of the Metropolitan Code of Laws is hereby amended by creating a new Chapter 2.147 as follows:


Chapter 2.147 - Nashville Entertainment Industry Board


2.147.010 - Established.


There is hereby established a Board to be known as the “Nashville Entertainment Industry Board”, referred to in this chapter as “board.”


2.147.020 - Definitions.


“Entertainment industry” means commercial activity that involves the production, distribution, and sale of entertainment, whether in film, television, digital streaming content, virtual/augmented reality or within the metaverse/omniverse.  Occupations in the entertainment industry include, but are not limited to, actors, film/television studio executives, screenwriters, directors, casting agents, film/television producers, crew members, editors, location scouts, videographers, voiceover artists, digital designers, grips, stagehands, film/television marketing professionals, entertainment related bankers, packaging/distribution financiers, managers, publicists, stylists, theatre companies, playwrights, theater directors, film/television/digital gaming composers, graphic software architects and other not listed entertainment industry marketing professionals.


2.147.030 - Membership and term of office.


The board shall be composed of 9 members. Two members shall be appointed by the mayor and confirmed by the council. Two members shall be elected by the council.  Two members shall be selected by the council from nominations submitted from the entertainment industry at large. One member shall be selected by the council from nominations submitted by the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE).  One member shall be selected by the council from nominations submitted by the Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA). One member shall be selected by the council from nominations submitted by the American Federation of Musicians (AFM). All members shall hold occupations in the Entertainment Industry (as defined herein) and should have a minimum of five years of professional experience and show substantial business relationships for the recruitment of productions both locally and out-of-state or country, or have existing relationships with project packaging entities, equity and lender financiers, world-wide sales agents, domestic and international distributors, merchandising specialists, and revenue collection companies for monetizing intellectual properties created in Nashville.


Members of the board shall serve without compensation.


Board members shall serve staggered three-year terms. Of the initial members appointed, three members shall be appointed for one year, three members shall be appointed for two years, and three members shall be appointed for three years.


2.147.040 - Purpose of the board


The purpose of the board shall be to:


A.                     Endeavor to work closely with the Tennessee Entertainment Commission to establish and maintain operational connectivity to franchise & excise tax incentives and other opportunities for recruitment, promotion, and development of entertainment projects.


B.                     Establish, promote, develop, market, maintain and grow business relationships related to the recruitment of entertainment industry endeavors to Nashville and Davidson County, including the promotion of activities that merge different sectors of the entertainment industry, as well as economic development and job creation related to the entertainment industry to local, regional, national and international companies and clients.


C.                     Promote gender and racial equity throughout the entertainment industry and establish, maintain and grow awareness of entertainment industry opportunities throughout all neighborhoods in Nashville, including facilitating greater awareness at high schools in Metro Nashville of potential careers in the entertainment industry, facilitating practical pathways and training into Nashville vocational schools, two-year colleges, and university programs, culminating in guidance to career and business opportunities in the private sector.


2.147.050 - Powers and Duties.


In order to carry out the board’s purposes, the board shall have authority to:


A.                     Elect a chair and other officers as necessary to carry out the functions and duties of the board. 


B.                     Promulgate and maintain regulations and bylaws for the board.


C.                     Conduct its affairs to authorize and create select advisory committees focused on each of the following: recruitment of entertainment to Nashville and Davidson County, development of local entertainment opportunities, and awareness of career and business opportunities in the entertainment industry.


2.147.060 - Staffing.


The work of the board shall be managed by an executive director, who shall be appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the board.  Additional staff shall be provided for by the metropolitan government upon the recommendation of the board.


The executive director and approved staff shall provide necessary permitting, facilitation of locations for production, relations as necessary with police, fire department and security, maintenance of a directory of production personnel, vendors, soundstages, equipment rental, and any additional work necessary to carry out the duties and responsibilities established by this chapter.


Section 2. This Ordinance shall take effect from and after its final passage, the welfare of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County requiring it.


Agenda Analysis



This ordinance establishes the Nashville Entertainment Industry Board (“NEIB”). The NEIB would promote the film and television industry in Nashville and Davidson County, as well as market Nashville and Davidson County for regional, national, and international opportunities and promote job creation, economic development, and general and racial equity in the entertainment industry.


The NEIB would be composed of nine members. Two members would be appointed by the mayor, two members would be elected by the Council, two members would be selected by the Council from nominations submitted by the entertainment industry at large, one member would be selected by the Council from nominations from each of the following: the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, the Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, and the American Federation of Musicians. All members would be required to hold occupation in the entertainment industry, defined to includefilm, television, digital streaming content, virtual/augmented reality or within the metaverse/omniverse.” Members would be required to have a minimum of five years of professional experience. Members of the board would serve without compensation and serve staggered three-year terms.


The work of the board would be managed by an executive director appointed by the NEIB. Staff would be provided by the Metropolitan Government upon recommendation of the NEIB. The director and staff would be responsible for providing necessary permitting and the facilitation of locations for production and necessary relations with Metro departments.